Meet the Team


Elon Aaron

Promotions Coordinator

As a talented Hollywood location manager, Elon has worked on projects in the past for Kesha, Alicia Keys, Arrested Development, and S.W.A.T. He also has a special place in his heart for strong non-profit organizations, working to mentor high school age youth through initiatives to help develop equitable professionals. He is known for his outgoing personality, follow-through and extreme attention to detail.

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Jared Sanborn

Business Strategist

Jared is an experienced tech marketing and business development professional with well over 15 years of hard working, self-motivating, nose to the grindstone entrepreneurial experience. Having founded and owned over 5 previous companies, he has worked in virtually every role of a startup's structure. Jared has raised a $1.83M Series-A investment series for a previous tech startup.

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Amit Sharma

Machine Learning Advisor

Amit Sharma is a strongly motivated professional who is currently working with machine learning and deep learning to solve complex problems in early cancer detection research. He is also a faculty advisor of Arizona State University's Artificial Intelligence Club, having years of experience in complex software algorithm development.

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Louis Rosenberg

Swarm Intelligence Advisor

Louis Rosenberg, PhD is one of the world's foremost experts in artificial intelligence, credited as an original pioneer in the field of swarm intelligence. A graduate of Stanford University, researcher at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, and TED speaker, Louis is a prolific inventor with over 300 awarded patents in AI, VR, and applied computer science.

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Chris Hochman

Development Advisor

An experienced scientist, Christopher has degrees in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Chemistry. He also graduated from Naval Nuclear Power School before serving 6 years in the US Navy. He is experienced in NPPO welding as well as designed programs approved for DOD contracting by the US Navy.

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Shivam Shah

Machine Learning Architect

Shivam is a budding data scientist with a keen interest in multimedia based applications of Machine Learning techniques. His projects and research include Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. He has a background in Software Engineering and is currently graduating with a Master's in Computer Science from Arizona State University.

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