Meet the Team

Jason Steinberg

Business Strategist

Jason is a veteran marketing, social media & content creation specialist with 15 years’ experience in the marketing capital of the world, New York City.  Jason has a diverse background in technology, start-ups, marketing, sales, serial business development, and growth hacking.  He has served in the past to growth-hack several capital-intensive, high-technology ventures. Jason is also a former firefighter, having earned degrees in emergency management and disaster relief. Capable of excelling in high-stress, no-failure environments, Jason is a powerful tech entrepreneur.

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Jared Sanborn

Business Strategist

Jared is an experienced tech marketing and business development professional with well over 15 years of hard working, self-motivating, nose to the grindstone entrepreneurial experience. Coffee pales in comparison to Jared’s inspiring, no-fail attitude. Having founded and owned over 5 previous companies, he has worked in virtually every role of a startup's structure. Jared has raised a $1.83M Series-A investment series for a previous tech startup, and has helped deliver fundamentally disruptive technologies in the technology sector to market over the span of his career.

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Amit Sharma

Machine Learning Advisor

Amit Sharma is a strongly motivated professional who is currently working with machine learning and deep learning to solve complex problems in early cancer detection research. He is also a faculty advisor of Arizona State University's Artificial Intelligence Club, having years of experience in complex software algorithm development.

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Zach Hamze

Administrative Specialist

Zacharia Hamze is an Information Technology student at USF with experience in programming computer databases. He is interested in pursuing a master's degree in computer science and joining teams dedicated to solving big problems, A motto of Zach's is 'If a product doesn't give more than it advertises, it shouldn't exist at all'.

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Chris Hochman

Development Advisor

An experienced scientist, Christopher has degrees in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Chemistry. He also graduated from Naval Nuclear Power School before serving 6 years in the US Navy. He is experienced in NPPO welding as well as designed programs approved for DOD contracting by the US Navy.

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Shivam Shah

Machine Learning Architect

Shivam is a budding data scientist with a keen interest in multimedia based applications of Machine Learning techniques. His projects and research include Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. He has a background in Software Engineering and is currently graduating with a Master's in Computer Science from Arizona State University.

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Wayne Smith

Business, Development Advisor

Wayne Smith is a seasoned business executive with senior level management successes in small and medium sized companies. Wayne assists entrepreneurs and innovators as they develop relationships and systems to execute their strategies. He possesses the skills to balance short and long term initiatives to grow profitability - and has his expertise in building integrated teams of all disciplines.

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Devin Venhuizen

Manufacturing Advisor

Devin is a strongly machine-focused mechanical engineer, having graduated from CSUN in 2017. He has background in vehicle drivetrain design through the Formula SAE, and experience with machining - having learned using a 5-axis Haas VF-4. His curiosity with machines has since led him to a career working professionally in industrial robotic production at Haas Automation.

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