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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Steady State and Transient

Analysis, Design, Optimization

In/compressible and Transonic Flow

Flow Mixing and Turbulence

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Thermal Transfer and Modeling

Moving bodies or reference frames

Finite Element Analysis

Mechanical Stress

Mechanical Vibration

Dynamic Stress

Fatigue Analysis

Motion Study

Heat Transfer


Event Modeling


Progress to cloud-backed HPC computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation with Rosotics. Starting from close ties and training with the aerospace and defense industry, we are experts in deploying the industry's most powerful tools in CFD simulation under zero margin for failure. Utilizing the power of cloud supercomputing, we are able to perform ANSYS Fluent simulations under stricter time margins and with significantly more complex physical models. Our CFD capabilities have the ability to find practical solutions to tackle real, difficult industrial challenges that would exhaust a workstation PC.

Rosotics offers a complete range of finite element analysis (FEA) services for manufacturers and designers that need more accurate work done faster, or have a requirement for nontraditional design optimization that is not typically found elsewhere. We have built our company's design methodology on the deployment of accelerated FEA computing using next-generation analysis software and cloud-backed HPC process integration. FEA provides a viable method to determine system dynamics, helping you save time and money. Rosotics harnesses tools such as NASTRAN and the Autodesk platform to prepare and run complex FEA workloads faster than ever.