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Security at Rosotics

Security is a top priority at Rosotics. We take protecting your organization’s data seriously and that starts with being transparent about our security practices.

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Data Security

Your ideas are protected with data
encryption at rest with our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets where your part files are stored using AES-256. We have implemented controls to appropriately limit the creation, storage, usage, and deletion of encryption keys.


Systems Security

We implement multiple layers of security & multi-factor authentication procedures when working projects with confidential or proprietary information. This includes hard drive BitLocker™ encryption, file-vaulting, password authentication, and lock-when-idle. Rest assured, your data is not ever getting out.


Operational Security

During manufacturing operations, our systems further uphold security best practices. Our robotic hardware is built laced with firmware level inter-modular encryption, and we ensure any other manufacturing partners hold their hardware to a comparable standard. Tampering is expected to be a thing of the past.