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Announcing Stinger, a new way to create.

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Stinger is a platform that allows manufacturers to build at any size, anywhere.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA - AUGUST 1, 2021 - Rosotics, Inc. (, creator of the world’s most advanced metal additive manufacturing systems, unveils today the active development of an airborne scale-invariant metal additive manufacturing platform targeted at large-scale manufacturers and the heavy industrial industry.

Honeycomb is an ambitious project dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized manufacturing system and its infrastructure. There exist no practical metal additive manufacturing systems to perform work on-location or at heightened scales. We believe in a future in which our ability to manufacture in three-dimensions, large or small, is accessible as needed and limited in no respect.

Today, metal additive manufacturing is extremely difficult to conduct at the large scale. For this reason, heavy industry has largely been locked out from the benefits of 3D printing. Large metal structures, such as an aircraft fuselage, a wind turbine, or a marine propeller, require an extraordinary amount of time and resource to construct because industrial systems for these scales have not advanced as rapidly as within the small scale market segment. The build volume of additive manufacturing systems is unquestionably coupled to the size of these systems, a barrier that strangles the application range of additive manufacturing and upholds complex, exorbitantly expensive machinery.

We are developing a size invariant additive manufacturing platform that utilizes autonomous aerial hardware to conduct manufacturing, which is able to fundamentally redefine production economics and accessibility. By decoupling build characteristics from machine characteristics, and improving upon classical 3D printing methodologies using principles of bionics, new levels of capability are achievable. The platform, known as Stinger, and architected from the groundbreaking Rapid Induction Printing process, minimizes production hardware and mobilizes it at scale, learning from nature's greatest scale builders, who are able to build fast and efficiently when working together.

Designed to merge seamlessly with existing industrial supply chains, the platform utilizes a scalable and moldable systems architecture. Smaller organizations are able to access the same hardware as larger, well-capitalized corporations, without the need for significant capital expense or replacement of existing systems. We believe that an ability to integrate effectively is important to the needs of our customers and industry.

For more information, please view our published documentation on the Stinger platform at

About Rosotics, Inc.

Rosotics produces hyper-efficient metal additive manufacturing solutions that solve tougher problems in industrial engineering. A pioneer of swarm robotics, we enable today’s manufacturers to additively manufacture structures that are normally difficult or impossible to print.


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