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Rosotics, Inc. leaves lasting impressions at CES 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Swarm manufacturing technologies featured at Las Vegas, NV tech convention.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA - JANUARY 10, 2020 - Rosotics, Inc. (, creator of the world’s most mobile manufacturing systems recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in sunny Las Vegas, NV this week, the most prominent technology event in the world. Our corporate team and engineers were excited to see the next landscape of technology approaching, and even more pleased to add a verse to the story while meeting so many dedicated international professionals.

Out of the many innovations at this year's convention, we were not surprised to see robotics and artificial intelligence a core focus. Jared Sanborn, business strategist, had to mention "2020 is really about massively upgrading our skillsets in general - robotics isn't about losing the human side, it's about improving it". Out of the more unique inventions on display at the show, a favorite among the group was the mesmerizing hologram technology, which many of us had not seen in person before at such clarity. "If I could bet on one of these products being everywhere in ten years - storefronts, movie theaters, airports - I would definitely pick the holograms", founder Christian LaRosa had to add.

Our very own Dir. Machine Learning, Chandan Yadav, was the center of attention on the CES show floor, being interviewed by Dassault Systemes on the topic of big data and his work in artificial intelligence. We are very proud of Chandan and his enthusiasm to not only keep learning but to share what he knows with others who are interested!

As a group, we are happy to have visited this show as well as the progress coming in 2020!

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About Rosotics, Inc.

Rosotics produces hyper-efficient metal additive manufacturing solutions that solve tougher problems in industrial engineering. A pioneer of swarm robotics, we enable today’s manufacturers to additively manufacture structures that are normally difficult or impossible to print.


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