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Rosotics, Inc. announces Acquisition of RMC, strengthening product offering

The Rosotics Corporation announces today that RMC will be joining with Rosotics as part of a corporate acquisition, and being restructured to better serve Rosotics' clients. We mark today the establishment of Rosotics' first sector branch, known formally as Rosotics Auto. Serving as part of a larger Rosotics conglomerate, Rosotics Auto will be tasked with the manufacturing of automotive vehicles and elements as an expansion of our core product offering. Rosotics Auto will utilize the core rosotics manufacturing technologies to service this market sector. For more information, visit

"A landmark moment for our company history, I announce after a vote of the shareholders as well as a resolution of the board of directors of the RMC - our company will be joining the Rosotics corporation as part of a corporate acquisition. Under the sleeve of Rosotics, we will continue to develop genre-defining vehicles as well as manufacture for the automotive sector in support of their mission and ethos." - CEO, RMC.

Further added,

"As of 2020, this company will breathe a new life"

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About Rosotics, Inc.

Born in the valley of the sun, Rosotics is a supercharged robotic manufacturing company that harnesses advanced additive manufacturing techniques to create large metal parts faster and more cost-effectively. Unlike most 3D metal printing organizations who produce using DMLS or other methods, Rosotics has developed a breakthrough process which eliminates size boundaries and allows the production of strong parts of enormous scale. Our technology utilizes swarm robotics, and is far more efficient than any that has come before it.


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