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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Rosotics is revealing the natural evolution of metal additive manufacturing.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA - JUNE 25, 2020 - Rosotics, Inc. (, a Phoenix-based industrial robotics corporation, announces today the reveal of 'Crawler', our existing prototype testbed for next-generation bionic manufacturing technologies, is slated for November 2020. Crawler was developed as an initial, ground-based iteration of our platform, designed to conduct the same performance directed energy deposition print process from a completely autonomous mobile platform. In addition, it was desired of the platform to further provide local shielding, in order to combat oxidation and remove the need for an enclosed gas chamber to print within. Crawler provided optimistic results, and allowed our team to greenlight the move to airborne platform development, effectively proving the concept of our vision. Crawler, to our collective knowledge, is the only mobile directed energy deposition printer in the world, weighing only 93 lbs, able to print in aluminum, and built using only $5,800 of capital.

Crawler utilizes proprietary technologies developed in tandem with major names in the technology industry, and leverages several traditionally ignored methodologies in order to perform better than a multi-million dollar industrial printer.

Artificial intelligence and computer vision play a significant role in Crawler's architecture, deploying these technologies to achieve complete autonomy readily expandable to operate in a swarm capacity to print large metal structures. Crawler is void of any sort of user interface, albeit voice and cloud control. It operates largely under its own cognition in order to accomplish tasks that would normally be exceedingly dangerous for a human.

Many separate technical struggles had to be solved in order for Crawler to work, not only in terms of precision sufficient for the directed energy deposition process, but also in terms of power storage and delivery, locomotion, and weight management. Crawler addressed each of these issues to produce results comparable to none. We can't wait to truly show it to you this coming month.

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Born in the valley of the sun, Rosotics is a supercharged design house and robotic manufacturing corporation that works to harness next-generation technological advances to conceive and create objects faster and more effectively than ever thought possible before. Unlike engineering organizations who design using dated methods and produce using obsolete technology, Rosotics has both deployed and developed breakthrough technologies which leverage principles of bionics, and are far more capable than any that have come before them.


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