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ASUio attendees take notice of Rosotics, Inc. booth for unique display

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Nature-inspired robotic systems take center stage at prominent competition.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA - JANUARY 31, 2020 - Rosotics, Inc. attended the ASU Innovation Open this past week, selected to attend as one of few showcase ventures among teams from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford, Brigham Young University, UCSD, Harvard, Notre Dame, and Cornell, and is proud to have left a attendees with something to remember! Sponsored by Avnet, ON Semiconductor, and State Farm, the ASUio is a competition for $300,000 in prize funding offered to the upper echelon of student startups. "Competitions and events like these are good because you always get to interact with so many people and share what you're passionate about creating for them", Project Manager Austin Thurman had to say the afternoon of the event.

For this event, we wanted to make a booth that would create a lasting impression and describe our company's purpose very physically. We partnered up with Reptile Mogul Exotics for this reason, to feature Rosie, the largest tarantula in the city of Phoenix at the core of our display. She exemplifies nature's greatest builder, the spider, able to weave webs far larger than herself. The stated mission of Project Honeycomb is to build a manufacturing system with no limits, able to print at any size, anywhere, for anyone, much like Rosie.

"There's not one other booth here showcasing like yours. What separates you from the rest is you don't waste your appearances as routine visits. You make every one special" - a show floor attendee had to say about Rosotics.

Thank you to anyone who stopped by today, the kind feedback, the utter shocks, and stay tuned for more activity in February!

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About Rosotics, Inc.

Rosotics produces hyper-efficient metal additive manufacturing solutions that solve tougher problems in industrial engineering. A pioneer of swarm robotics, we enable today’s manufacturers to additively manufacture structures that are normally difficult or impossible to print.


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