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Coming Soon: Rapid Induction Printing

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Evolving a groundbreaking new method of metal additive manufacturing.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA - JUNE 6, 2020 - Rosotics, Inc. (, a Phoenix-based industrial robotics corporation, discloses today the invention of a new metal additive manufacturing process, an improved method of additive manufacturing that is far more energy and material efficient than any that has come before it. This proprietary process, purpose developed by Rosotics in order to make possible the overarching goals of our vision, will be revealed in the coming months.

Rosotics has conceived of an improved process which enables the additive manufacturing of metal objects with a high degree of energy and material efficiency, print resolution, and performance quality. The process removes human and environmental risk factors and is completely isolated to the print affector, allowing for practical mobilization (further in compliance with FAA statutes). This proprietary process is titled Rapid Induction Printing, and will be debuted in the near future.

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About Rosotics, Inc.

Rosotics produces hyper-efficient metal additive manufacturing solutions that solve tougher problems in industrial engineering. A pioneer of swarm robotics, we enable today’s manufacturers to additively manufacture structures that are normally difficult or impossible to print.


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