Rosotics and the RMC have filed provisional patents on their technology and achieved patent pending status.

Some of the concepts filed for include:

The mechanics and structural elements of our technology

The procedural frameworks of our inventions

The unique design of our systems

and more...

We have pursued patents on our creations in order to protect our intellectual property and in turn allow us to reach the goals we were founded to achieve. Without the protection of our patents, our efforts would not be possible.

Rosotics and the RMC take USPTO and federal intellectual property laws very seriously. It is only with appropriate legal protection that we can achieve the overreaching goals of this company.

By securing patent-pending status on these foundational topics, we are obtaining legal ownership of the engineering behind our designs as well as retaining our rights for future endeavors. This allows us the exclusive ability to design and manufacture inventions of this manner, and take them to commercial markets. The solution that Rosotics and the RMC work to build will support a sustainable and unlimited future for technology. With exclusive ownership over patent-pending technology, this can be done.

For more information on Rosotics's intellectual property positioning please contact us.