Leadership Team

Christian LaRosa

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Designer

A student, Christian studies Human Systems Engineering and Bionics while working with ASU’s Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory (SDSL). He has previously assisted development of hybrid propellant rocket systems and served on a student led effort to develop a Pulsed-Plasma Thruster (PPT) under support from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Raytheon. Christian also served in the L'SPACE NPWEE under NASA's Lucy Mission, developing a low cost lunar terrain mapping LiDAR robot, Over-Yonder Experimental Exploration Technology (O-YEET), for exploration of inaccessible and hazardous environments in support of the Artemis program. It is a key belief of his that art and beauty are as important to design as function.

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Austin Thurman

Project Director

Austin is a business student at Arizona State University, who believes in scaling the most powerful ideas from concept to market. He values integrity, as well as a razor-sharp attention to detail in achieving any milestone. Austin has experience in accounting, having worked in the past analyzing and organizing financial records for a restaurant corporation. Through studies in both management and entrepreneurship, he clearly understands the societal impact of ideas. Fascinated by the future potential of swarm manufacturing, Austin now serves in upper management at Rosotics.

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John Walling

Chief Financial Officer

John is a business student at Arizona State University, with a notable interest in scaling groundbreaking ideas from concept towards market. Skilled in delivering progress within stated deadlines and utilizing resources to maximize efficiency, John has a proven track record. Able to think creatively and find novel ideas to achieve results, he is a valuable asset to the Rosotics team. John is also passionate about just causes, an active volunteer with experience in feeding children from third-world countries. A futurist, John believes in enabling inventions with a high potential for growth.

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Chandan Yadav

Director of Machine Learning

Chandan is a graduate student at ASU with experience at Pegasystems - where he built a facial recognition system with a haar cascade classifier based emotion detector. He also carries significant research in robotics and deep learning, having developed a voice-controlled robotic wheelchair for the physically disabled while working at the Indian Institute of Science. His research in highly intelligent navigation systems was received well at the ICAMMAET and published in IEEE. He is passionate about creating new products and technologies that can positively impact the world. 

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In pursuit of unparalleled quality, scale, and speed.