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Students and educators get 25% off + free optimization

How it works

1. Use your education email

Current students and faculty, place your order with an active .edu email address which we can verify.

2. Check out

Add code 'EDUCATION' to the comment form, your 25% discount will apply automatically as we respond to your order.

Terms and Conditions
  • Discount is not capped in savings per order.

  • It applies to prints in all of our materials, including metallic, following optimization.

  • It does not apply to equipment lending or other service offerings such as repair.

  • Discount will automatically be applied when you place an order using our website and we can verify your status.

  • We're always working to improve our Education Program and, as such, its terms are subject to change at any time.

Looking for something else?

Equipment Lending

Rosotics offers flexible term equipment lending of a maximum of four (4) work drones per educational institution. These drones must be utilized for educational or demonstrative purposes, however are due back in the same condition at the end of your term. We can provide material for your needs upon request, or you can provide your own. This is not a paid program and the drones are offered to the institution at zero unit expense. Subject to approval only and all levels of education are encouraged to join.

Educational Visits

Subject to review and approval, Rosotics can visit your educational institution to demonstrate and inform of the technologies we have developed and are putting to use. Students will receive a high level of engagement with advances in drone technology, AI, autonomous systems, 3D printing, and generative design. Hands-on workshops are included in each experience. This is not a paid program and we incur the expense of a visit. All levels of education are encouraged to join, demonstrative for all ages.

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