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Coming December 4, 2020


Honeycomb is an ambitious project dedicated to the establishment of a fully autonomous airborne manufacturing platform and its infrastructure. Rapid Induction Printing™, the most energy efficient metal additive manufacturing process ever developed, enables the complete mobilization and unification of print hardware.

The January 2020 acquisition of Rosotics Auto cemented Rosotics' leadership in applying these technologies for real-world clients.

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Coming December 4, 2020


Rosotics deploys breakthrough technologies in artificial intelligence, cloud supercomputing, and generative design in order to create and deliver superior results for clients. These new landscapes allow for significantly more complex problems to be solved and less adverse resources to be spent in the engineering process.

The deployment of our Gaudi cloud supercomputer for client work in July 2020 allowed for large advances in project service capabilities.

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Last updated: July 26, 2020.


Beginning from a group of engineers, computer scientists, and business veterans, with collective experience ranging from NASA to the Hollywood film industry, Rosotics is a top-down bionics powerhouse leveraging principles of bionics in order to better solve problems. We are agile, adaptive, and unmatchable in our pursuit.

Our technical ecosystem is backed by a portfolio of patents and complex intellectual property that cannot easily be replicated.




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