Our Story

Founded to eliminate fundamental pains within the metal manufacturing industry, we are bringing unique skillsets and ideas to the table.

Our Vision

We believe the promise of additive manufacturing will usher in a tectonic shift in cost reduction, increase speed, and green-light the impossible.


Rosotics is developing a revolutionary manufacturing process using bionic design principles, which eliminate 

countless bottlenecks in production.

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It's time for 21st century ideas to meet 21st century methods to create them. Significant advances in technology have arrived, and we want to put them to use for you and your ideas. We had felt much of the pain in the manufacturing industry, realized the technology existed to supercharge it, but were disappointed it was not happening. So we built a new way to manufacture - where your idea can materialize as easy as it was imagined.

We can bionically optimize your model for strength and weight, for 10% off your order price.

We can produce your parts at scale, or produce your hardware at unrivaled scale.

We want to END the barrier of manufacturing equipment expense for your business.

We want to keep you doing what you do best, delivering on your ideas.


In pursuit of unparalleled quality, scale, and speed

How it works

From Concept

It's simple. First upload the files of the part you would like produced, and view the time estimate and price for the part. When approved, your part will be queued on our systems for production. You will be able to follow the production in real-time using our tracking portal.

to Reality

Once your part is ready for production, it is then autonomously produced at the Rosotics complex or at your location. When finished, your part is swarm post-processed and finalized for use.

What is Bionics?

Rosotics leverages end-to-end bionic principles, from design through to customer case-use. Bionics, or biologically inspired engineering, is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to modern technology. Our hardware is designed generatively, or employs extensive topology optimization, allowing for significant weight reduction while providing stronger, alien-like structures. This enables us to pack more hardware into our machinery while maintaining full, autonomous mobility. We have examined how systems of nature work to produce, like bees and ants, and have found that production simplifies when you distribute the process. We have found that swarm robotics is the next frontier in additive manufacturing. In that regard, we are the only global manufacturer that has harnessed this technology successfully and is able to print aerospace-grade metal structures from an autonomous airborne platform. Not only that, we have provided our hardware breakthrough abilities through the construction of an exotic neural network replicated after how the brain operates to make decisions. We have found there to be severe pain points in the manufacturing industry, through our own experience as engineers and business veterans, and sought to create a system that does not compromise. This is our philosophy, our company, and we'd love to work with you soon.

Join us in our pursuit of the next-generation of manufacturing.