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Create limitlessly with the world's
largest Metal 3D printers.
Be first to experience ION
Gain Unlimited Capability

Our industry-leading manufacturing systems, built for simple integration, eliminate countless bottlenecks in production and implementation.


We're busy working on an innovative and new approach to large-scale metal additive.

If you want early access to this latest innovation, register your interest and you'll be part of our inner circle community who get priority access to system reservations and exclusive information.

Getting large structures done in days vs. months

Find out how Rosotics can supercharge your ability to manufacture structures and gain production capability faster than ever.

No lasers, No wasted infrastructure

Learn how Rosotics' approach to additive operates at 1/1000 of the wattage required for other industry-standard printers.

The faster we can explore the viability of your project, the quicker you can get to market and make the impact you want.

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