Our Story

Founded to reinvent the process of manufacturing for metal parts from the ground up, we are bringing unique skillsets and ideas to the table.

Our Vision

We believe the promise of additive manufacturing will usher in a tectonic shift in cost reduction, increase speed, and green-light the impossible.


Rosotics is developing a revolutionary manufacturing process using swarm robotic 3D printers, which eliminate countless bottlenecks in production.


In pursuit of unparalleled quality, scale, and speed

How it works

From Concept

It's simple. First send us the .3MF file of the part you would like produced, and we will provide a time estimate and quote for the part. When approved, your part will be queued on our systems for production. You will be able to follow the production in real-time using our tracking portal.

to Reality

Once your part is ready for production, it is then autonomously produced at the Rosotics complex or at your location. When finished, your part is then swarm post-processed and finalized for use.

Join us in our pursuit of the next-generation of manufacturing.