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Scale-Invariant Manufacturing.
Leverage metal 3D printing to build structures of any size, anywhere.
Our Story

Founded to eliminate fundamental pains within the engineering industry, we are bringing unique skillsets and ideas to the table.

Our Vision

We believe the promise of artificial intelligence will create a tectonic shift in cost reduction, increase speed, and green-light the impossible.


Rosotics created a revolutionary manufacturing platform based on scale invariance, which eliminates 

countless bottlenecks in production.



Honeycomb is an ambitious project dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized manufacturing system and its infrastructure. There exist no practical metal additive manufacturing systems to perform work on-location or at heightened scales. Stinger introduces this capability to the marketplace and is defined by the ability to distribute the act of manufacturing between a number of aerial agents. Users will be able to conduct manufacturing or repair of large structures on-location, or in-house as desired, easing the burden of heavy logistics and transport. Users will be able to construct large metallic structures at comparable structural specifications under significantly greater material, energy, and cost efficiency. We believe in a future in which our ability to manufacture in three-dimensions, large or small, is accessible as needed and limited in no respect.