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The easiest
way to build.

Hyper-efficient manufacturing.
Creating the world's largest Metal 3D printers, for aerospace and defense.
Our Story

Founded to eliminate fundamental pains within heavy industry, we strive to develop solutions that will enable the next generation of builders.

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Our Vision

We believe radically improved energy efficiency in metal 3D printing will unlock capability in how we build, and simplify large-scale production.


Our revolutionary manufacturing platform, built for modularity, eliminates countless bottlenecks in production and implementation.



Rapid Induction Printing is a significantly more energy-efficient process for metal additive manufacturing that utilizes induction as a means to liquefy metal feedstock, rather than a laser-based approach. Defined by an ability to operate simplistically and provide for unparalleled performance capability, the process exists as a groundbreaking invention in the field of advanced metallurgy that broadens the scope of where additive manufacturing can be applied. We believe in a future in which our ability to manufacture is simple to undertake and limited in no respect.

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